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Our View: Mike Frerichs our pick for state treasurer

Illinois doesn’t need two financial offices, one to write the checks and one to invest the money. The state would be better off if the offices of comptroller and treasurer were combined, which would save taxpayers about $12 million a year. Alas, Illinoisans are stuck with the two...
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Illinois Treasurer Forum (Video)

The candidates vying for the office of Illinois’ treasurer’s office — former House Republican leader Tom Cross and Democrat State Senator Mike Frerichs — face off in tonight’s election forum. CLICK HERE to watch the forum in its entirety.
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Election 2014: Democratic candidate for treasurer, State Senator Mike Frerichs

The treasurer is responsible for the safety and security of Illinois tax dollars. That means overseeing investments and managing debt, among other things. The treasurer’s candidate debate this morning often devolved into attacks, but at its heart this is a race between two men...
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Treasurer, comptroller candidates: They want to watch your money

Illinois never seems to have enough money, but it does have two elected officials whose job is to look after it. This November, voters will elect a treasurer, whose task is to invest the state’s cash, and a comptroller, whose job is to monitor how it is spent. The treasurer’s...
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